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Our Mission

Just Alkaline Water was founded to bring premium quality water to a growing number of health-conscious consumers. To date, bottled alkaline water has been a resource little known in most parts of the world. Our goal is to empower consumers to reach their optimal health and well being through high and safe alkaline consumption. By providing the highest quality hydration products along with an on going commitment to education, research and information sharing, we are helping customers take a positive forward step to better control their own health needs. We believe in offering personal customer service which is second to none. As a Just Alkaline Water customer you will be provided with a dedicated account manager available 7 days a week to ensure all your needs are met. Using our wealth of experience we will ensure we supply you with the right product for your business' needs.

Our Goals

Water Ionization Technology was founded in Japan. Research there pointed to the benefits to human health and other household uses of conditioned ionized water. Our goal is to educate others as to the importance of clean, pure water and the essential role that it plays in our health. With water quality diminishing globally, it is paramount that we offer individuals effective and affordable means in which to purify and revitalize the water they drink and bath with.

We will change the way you think and feel about water as you experince the healthy benefits associated with our products. Just Alkaline Water may be the single most important health decision you will ever make in embracing a life of health. Our products provide health benefits in creating life energy for optimal health in our every day lives as we believe that many if not most health issues we deal with today are directly related to the quality and quantity of water that our bodies consume. For a healthier life, just purchase alkaline water

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